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Cultural Resource Management is, essentially, a process by which the protection and management of the multitudinous but scarce elements of cultural heritage are given some consideration in a modern world with an expanding population and changing needs. CRM fits under the larger tent of anthropology, with each tent peg representing a different subfield. We have divided up our resource library into the subfields of anthropology for ease of navigation – recognizing that these lines are blurred and items may fit into more than one category.

The links we have provided are ones that we find useful for anthropological knowledge. We are constantly adding to and editing this page as information becomes available, or once the information is no longer relevant.


First Voices

Statistics Canada

AANDC-First Nations Profiles

UNESCO-Atlas of Endangered Languages

Cultural Anthropology

Canadian Anthropological Society: Anthropologica

Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs

Wade Davis

BC Assembly of First Nations

Physical Anthropology


National Geographic: Human Evolution 101

Becoming Human

Institute of Human Origins

PBS/NOVA Documentary: The Human Story

Applied Anthropology

University of Northern British Columbia

Museum of Anthropology

Museum of Northern British Columbia