Hagwilget Community Plan


The Hagwilget Village Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) is a process for organizing the community’s projects and priorities through community consultation to break down large-scale visions into achievable goals. It provides a holistic framework to include all elements that are important to Hagwilget Village community members, such as lands, governance, education, health, safety, cultural values and sustainability, and provides a vision for each of the identified elements. The plan helps to protect community values while promoting positive change and assisting the community in being proactive in seeking out opportunities for the future.


A plan of this magnitude goes through several stages of community engagement in the format of meetings, one-on-one visits and workshops in order to ensure the community’s vision is represented throughout. It begins with building a planning and advisory committee to lead the process, conduct research, liaise with the community and move the CCP forward. Once activities have been identified, an implementation strategy is created to prioritize objectives and identify a project management team. Results will be analyzed and recommendations reviewed, revised and updated upon the project’s completion.


This project began in 2016 and is ongoing. All sectors of Hagwilget Village are being engaged to ensure that the CCP proceeds in a manner that is inclusive and represents all community members.

Hagwilget Village Comprehensive Community and Land-Use Plan




Hagwilget Village, British Columbia