Crossroads in the News

Crossroads CRM Provides Applied Experience for NWCC Field School Students
Published in The Midden, a publication of the Archaeological Society of British Columbia Number 44, 2012, pages 15-16.

In the summer of 2012 students from Northwest Community College (NWCC), in partnership with Crossroads Cultural Resource Management, participated in a cultural resource management (CRM) field school that focused on the management of both tangible and intangible resources within North Central B.C.. Several local cultural and archaeological sites were visited over the course of this three-week field school. Most importantly, students gained invaluable experience from several high profile past and current Crossroads CRM projects.

Commerce Meets the Past
Story by Larissa Ardis Published in the Vancouver Sun, August 2004.

A site thought to have been a former battle and burial ground has forced a First nations community in northwestern B.C. to confront its own ghosts.

Artifacts Found at Moricetown Canyon
Story by Sarah Komadina CFTK TV News – July 9th, 2012. 

Many artifacts were recently found at the Moricetown Canyon.  That said it comes with little surprise to the community as they know that the canyon is rich with Wet’suwet’en history.

Northern Archaeology: Digging Deep into Cultural Heritage
Story by Amanda Follett Published in Northword Magazine, October 2007.

The vast majority of archaeological exploration that takes place in northern British Columbia isn’t your stereotypical National Geographic image of researchers in pith hats peeling back layers of dry earth. Most is driven by development: the force that simultaneously threatens countless unexplored sites while instigating the bulk of exploration in the North.