Measured Architecture


As the City of Vancouver attempts to better integrate Indigenous concerns with municipal planning, developers are now required to consult with local First Nations when applying for building permits. Cultural resource management is becoming an important component for Vancouver’s residential development industry as it navigates these evolving changes. Crossroads was approached by Measured Architecture in spring 2018 to manage the intersection between First Nations’ interests, municipal requirements and architectural development for a home being built on traditional land in Vancouver’s Point Grey neighbourhood. Crossroads’ expertise in working between diverse sectors is beneficial in this capacity, as it allows us to apply our skills and experience in working between different cultures.


This project began with a solid foundation by establishing protocols for engagement, developing guidelines with the City of Vancouver and developing a relationship with the local Musqueam First Nation. Our experience in working within a variety of governance structures helps Crossroads create the necessary lines of communication between Measured, various levels of government, and the nation’s hereditary chief system. Measured’s approach to this project makes them a joy to work with: They are an open and willing industry client who is prepared to invest resources into creating the necessary infrastructure for informed and respectful communications. As anthropologists, we are experienced in working with different cultures: First Nations, government and architectural development all have differing interests and our job is to get them to work effectively together.


This project began in March 2018 and is ongoing. Consultation with the proponent, First Nations and the municipality is currently underway and a Chance Find Procedure has been established to set forth a process for any future archaeological discoveries at the site. We are helping Measured create the capacity to effectively work with First Nations and the City of Vancouver.

Measured Architecture First Nations Policy Development

April 2018-present
Vancouver, British Columbia